Mobile. Scalable. Flexible.

Zero delivers a highly scalable, enterprise grade, cloud communications solution that adapts dynamically to your business. Unite multiple offices, remote and mobile workers under one mobile ready platform.

Future proof your business communications

  • Unified communications

    One mobile ready platform that integrates your phone system, voice and video conferencing, team messaging and collaboration tools in the cloud.

  • Elastic SIP trunks

    Busy tones are a thing of the past. With Zero’s highly scalable SIP Trunks you can receive an unlimited number of simultaneous phone calls, allowing you to scale call capacity dynamically as your business requires.

  • Mobile communications

    Eliminate the cost of mobile communications and internal calls between your office locations. Enable work from anywhere.

Expand internationally in minutes

Instantly provision phone numbers from over 50 countries to local or international users with one click.

  • +1 (315) 508-4141

  • +34 (91) 0602891

  • +52 (55) 85261960

  • +1 (787) 492-6061

  • +1 (315) 508-4141

and answer on your

  • PC

  • Mobile

  • Desk Phone

Cloud conferencing

Connect your team with highly scalable voice and HD video conferencing. Eliminate the cost of expensive on premise equipment and maintenance.

Google Chromebox para realizar conferencias de video.

Video conferencing

Zero offers an HD cloud video conferencing solution that allows up-to 6 participants. The conference can be accessed through Zero’s desktop app, the Google Chrome web browser and our Room System based on ChromeOS. Participants can chat and share files. Moderator controls include: conference scheduling with Google Calendar integration, invite and kick participants and more.

Conferencias de audio en Zero

Voice conferencing

Zero provides a highly scalable voice conferencing system in the cloud that allows up-to 40 participants per call. Conference calls can be accessed through the desktop and mobile apps, conference and desk phones, the Google Chrome web browser, our room system based on Chrome OS and through local & international phone numbers. Moderator controls include: call scheduling with Google Calendar integration, invite, kick and silence participants and more. Participants can chat and share documents instantly through the desktop and web app.

Work anywhere, anytime.

Free your workforce from their desk phone and office. Zero allows you to enable enterprise mobility and BYOD initiatives by allowing your workforce to make and take calls using your business phone line from their mobile devices and PC’s.

Access to voicemail, call conferencing and more business communication services is also provided. No investment on desk phones is required.

An all-inclusive unified communications solution

  • HD Voice Calling
  • Auto-attendant
  • Team Messaging & Collaboration
  • Phone Numbers
  • Voicemail
  • HD Voice Calling

    Call using your PC, mobile or desk phone to 200+ countries with HD voice quality. Every device comes with advanced call controls, like: caller ID selection, call on hold, warm & cold transfer, call forwarding, call waiting and much more. Zero integrates with your company directory and shared contact list to display relevant information when someone calls.

  • Auto-attendant

    Zero’s intuitive drag & drop multi-level IVR builder allows administrators to automatically route calls across the company based on custom rules like: menu’s, multi-language greetings, business hours and more. Calls can also be routed directly to departments and users with dedicated phone numbers.

    Aplicación de mensajería de Zero
  • Team Messaging & Collaboration

    Zero provides teams with a secure and reliable way to instantly communicate wherever they are. Persistent and feature packed, Zero’s team messenger delivers one on one and group messaging, file sharing, emoji’s, integrations with Dropbox, voice and video conferencing and much more.

    Interfaz de correo de voz
  • Phone Numbers

    Instantly buy and configure phone numbers from over 50 countries to deliver a local experience to customers globally.

    Conferencia de video
  • Voicemail

    Access your voicemail from everywhere using the desktop and mobile apps, your desk phone and directly through your email.

    Conferencia de voz
Cost management

Cost Control

Take control of your telecom bill. Zero allows administrators to monitor calling activity across multiple locations, departments and users in real time.

Connect your team

Zero connects geographically distributed teams and businesses under one easy to use communications platform that eliminates the cost of internal communications and streamlines the deployment of new branches and teams by uniting all telecom under an all-inclusive solution.

Eliminate setup and recurring maintenance costs

Eliminate the need of tech savvy personnel for deployment with our Zero-touch provisioning solution. Automagically configure all devices, including: desk phones, mobile devices and PC’s from the administrator portal. Since Zero lives in the cloud, there’s no software and hardware to upgrade or maintain, plus new features pop-up every month.

Learn more about our supported phones and devices
  • Yealink T21P
  • Yealink T28P